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Who are we?

We are immigrant women from Turkey who are educated professionals, who have carved their ways into societal life and were forced to leave their country due to the violation of human rights and witch-hunt in Turkey. 

Our Values: 

  • Integrity → The reason of our presence is to build a unified Swedish society with immigrant women and all immigrants integrated into the Swedish society.  
  • Respect → All social and cultural differences amongst our members is nothing more than our prosperity.
  • Equality → Although our short term target group is refugee women from Turkey, in the long term we are ready and willing to provide solidarity equally to women from all religions, languages, races and views.   

Our Vision: 

To be a leading immigrant women’s solidarity association to which each immigrant woman who wishes to realize their integration into the Swedish society within the shortest time can easily have access to. 

Our Mission: 

To offer a platform which will provide knowledge, experience, network and solidarity to the immigrant women in Sweden which will enable them to stand on their own feet and ease their integration into the Swedish society. 

Our Objectives:  

Immigrant women to:

  • Strongly and actively show their presence in every field of social, cultural, economic and political life and stand on their own feet once again.
  • Providing support to the completion of their integration into the Swedish society is the prior aim of all our projects and events. 

Our other objectives that will allow us to bring forth the aim above are step by step as follows:

  • The effects of the hardships and traumas that have caused  women’s immigrations to be controlled as soon as possible and their rehabilitation process to be started. 
  • To form mechanisms which will minimize the obstacles and demotivating factors on women’s way to social integration and keep their motivation continuous.
  • To step by step ensure these women’s involvement in every field of social life starting from daily life practices.
  • To support the successes of immigrant women who have succeeded in participating in social life and enable them to stay within the active social life. 

Our Strategy:

  • To work towards the fast realization of the integration of immigrant women from Turkey, almost all of whom have received higher education and are professionals that have existed in all stages of social life; to use the experience and human resource infrastructure gained from this as a driving force to enable the integration of all immigrant women in Sweden in the long term.  
  • To make use of the experiences, in adapting to the country they reside in with their prior education and professional experiences, of our immigrant members who are Turkish citizens forced to flee all around the world to places such as Europe, America, Africa and Canada. To accommodate this experience and knowledge and adapt them to the needs and realities of Sweden to help the integration of immigrant women in Sweden as much as possible. 
  • To form strategic collaborations and partnerships with local administrations, NGO’s prominent in the field and educational and health institutions. 
  • To transform the implementations of ideas and projects to be produced, into local and global values by blending them with universal languages such as sports and art. 
  • To share the knowledge and experience that will be unearthed, at first stage in Sweden and later on with all European Union countries, in order to contribute in improvement of their migrant policies. 

Our Projects and Action Plan:

  • To organize trainings, panels, conferences, seminars and workshops, with content and methods that will help us reach our aim by determining topics based on time and needs, from which our members will benefit from.
  • To organize events which will help raise the number of our members which is currently 50
  • To actively attend local, national and international events, conferences and workshops as an association, in order to expand our potential stakeholder network such as local associations, NGO’s prominent in the field, fund boards and to consider strategic collaboration opportunities.
  • To provide consultancy services by developing collaborations with trade bodies based on the wants, talents and needs of our members to enable them to communicate with the right contacts and networks.
  • To establish a women’s center with the help of fund support, as a social enterprise. The center which will provide services to every woman living in Sweden will be run by immigrant women and is planned to be the headquarters of the Hand in Hand for Women Association. The women’s center will provide employment and social integration opportunities to immigrant women. Whether refugee or not, all Swedish women will be offered a setting in which they can spend quality time, socialize, acculturated and even exhibit the products of their hobbies or set up small sales stands to turn their hobbies into income. This way the center aims the benefits produced to not be limited to refugee women but to reach every woman in Sweden.