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August 28, 2020


To all participants who participated and supported our project “Digital Fika”. Once again, we would like to send our regards and thanks to you for your interest and participation. Our project, which started as a coffee project, to begin with, continues by changing and transforming. We started collaborating with ABF Norra Stockholms län to develop and continue our projects in the field of education. With the support of ABF, we developed our Digital Fika project and transformed it into a study circle. “Svenska Konversation” starts in September. All groups can continue Digital Fika until the new period begins. In the coming days, you can get the development of the project from our website and social media accounts.

If you want to take part in this project, please fill in the form by clicking on the link below:



The days of COVID-19 pandemic has opened us doors to explore new things. One of the most important steps of our struggle for women’s rights, which is our purpose of existence, is to offer to “the migrant women the power and opportunity to express themselves in social life”. We believe that it is required to learn the language of the country in which one lives as well as women´s solidarity in order to bring strong women into society. The “Digital Fika” project initiated by Hand in Hand for Women continues with the support of our Swedish friends and all our participants.

A picture from the group leaders meeting.