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November 16, 2018

Hand in hand for Women at MR-days!

Hand in hand for Women as an organisation for women’s rights, attended MR-days and enjoy every moment of it!

Human rights violance and violance against women in Turkish prisons.

Women have been the primary target of violance in Turkey. Connivance of the governmental bodies have also been encouraging individual violance. Impunity or remission of punishment due to several reasons cause increase in the violations against women. Only in 2017, 409 women were victim of murder in Turkey.

Despite clear statements in the Turkish Penal Code, pregnants and women with babies have been jailed pending trial, which is one of the most obvious evident of systematic violance executed by the government. This is only one example but such violations are not limited. Relatives of those detainees or arrestees are also exposed to ill-treatments, even during their visits at prisons, which were detected and reported occasionally.

Torture, physical and psycological violance, ill-treatments, sexual harrasment in prisons and detainment centres have been reported in several occasions by international bodies. We, as women who were exposed to such violations, would like participate MR Dagarna to reveal human rights violations particularly against women in Turkey, along with a presentation.

We are hoping from MR Dagarna organizators to be exempted from the participation fee as we are asylum seekers in Sweden that had to flee from the human right violations but wishing to be the voice of such victims.