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June 28, 2020

Digital Samtal 1- AnnaStina Johansson

As a Hand-in-hand for women, we hold our first “Digital Samtal with AnnaStina Johansson who is the organization secretary for Sweden’s Women’ Lobby on 26 of June 2020. We sincerely thank AnnaStina for raising important issues of women’ rights and projects of Kvinna Lobby in this field. It was so exciting to be doing such a videocınferencing with AnnaStina. We would also like to thank Nihan, who was the moderator of the program, and other participating women for their support and interest. We did not forget our new participants women thanks to them for their courage, sharing, and expressing their life experiences. Hand in hand for women will continue its projects and works in this field as a “Digital Samtal” and “Digital Fika”. Your contributions, supports, and attandency are very valuable for us. All women can follow our association to find out about new conversations. We think it is important to be together to develop ourselves and be stronger women. A ´Digital Samtal´ with @riffimigrantwomen is on its way.

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